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Over 25 Years Experience
Randall's Dog Obedience has been in business for over 25 years. As trainers, we have shown and trained several different breeds. We attend seminars to keep up on the latest in training techniques. We also own Camp Bow Wow & Meow Boarding Kennels.

Method of Training
The training method used is a combination of two popular training methods. Verbal positive reinforcement is used to reward dogs for the desired actions. Although some advocate the use of food as the reward (which we may use in extreme cases), we want the dog to work for you, not food! Combined with a soft version of the original correction training method, we have developed a training method that gives fast and effective results. We also adapt our training methods to meet individual needs. As classes progress and we get to know you and your dog, we will introduce a number of training aids and methods we have learned from experience and the seminars we attend.

Shot records from your veterinarian are required when you start class, including proof of annual vaccination and rabies. We also recommend you vaccinate for Canine Cough (bordetella) also. To begin class, you will need a 6 foot leash. Leather is preferred, nylon is acceptable. For best results, please do not use flexi-leashes or any other type of leashes.
We also begin all dogs in training chain collars (some refer to these as choker collars - we do not since it is not how we use them in our training).
Both are available for sale at PBS Animal Health. We can help you pick the correct size of collar the first night of class. From time to time, we will recommend other types of collars to use (such as Gentle Leaders) depending on the dog.

Class Information
Classes are held at PBS Animal Health at the corner of Richville Dr SE and Nave Rd SE in Massillon - Conveniently located off Rt. 30 West at Richville Dr. Exit, across the street from RG Drage Vocational School.

Classes are held on weekday evenings at 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm and on Saturday afternoons, at 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm. Class Fee is $85.00 for a 6 week course, classes are 1 hour long. You and your dog will learn 6 basic commands: Heal, Sit, Stay, Down, Stand, Come and more! In addition, there will be question and answer periods to address specific problems you are having. We are also just a phone call away during the week for other questions you may have. Family members are encouraged to attend training classes so commands stay consistent throughout the household.

Registration is held the first class of each session.Class size is limited, so it is important to reserve your spot in class! Call us to reserve your spot no matter how you register for class!

Note: Randall's Dog Obedience is owned and operated by Jeff & Debbie Poland. We are partnering with PBS Animal Health to offer the classes at their location only. If you should have any questions, problems, or comments regarding the classes, please call Camp Bow Wow & Meow/Randall's Dog Obedience at 330-830-5076.
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