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  My dog is an escape artist, will he be safe?
You should make sure we know this when you make your reservation and when you check in. They will be given a covered run keeping them inside their den. All den gates are clipped so the latch can not be opened by dogs. If your dog is taken outside to the outside exercise area, they will be kept on leash and attended.

What if our travel plans change and we cannot pick up when scheduled?
We understand that plans sometimes can change. Please call us as soon as you know if you will not be picking up on your scheduled day or time. Most times we operate at full capacity and need to know so we can make accommodation changes.

Can my pet get a bath before coming home?
Yes, you can request a full bath. Please ask about prices on full baths. All dogs receive a complimentary waterless dry bath before going home.

Do you take dogs in heat?
Yes we do! The way we designed our facility, we can take dogs in heat and even aggressive dogs without jeopardizing the safety of the other pets staying with us.

Do you offer Day Care?

Day care is available Monday through Friday. Call for more information.

Do you only board cats and dogs?
From time to time we get requests to care for other animals. We can accommodate other pets such as hamsters, rabbits or other furry friends. Due to the special requirements needed to care for exotics and birds, we can not accommodate them at this time.
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