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  Can I get a tour of your facility?
We do suggest that you tour any facility you are considering and then come to Camp Bow Wow & Meow to see the difference! We are proud of our facility and our experienced staff. To maintain our stress-free environment, tours are only conducted during our office hours.

Can I drop off or pick up my pet other than your office hours?
It may seem like a simple request, but with hundreds of clients, others think the same thing as you. Please understand that we do not staff our office during closed hours for check ins or outs. We are caring for the campers and maintaining the facility. Thank you for respecting our hours.

My dog may not go potty inside, will this be a problem?
We monitor our campers closely. If your dog does not go potty in their exercise den, we will take your dog outside in our secure fenced exercise area for them to relieve themselves.

What happens if my pet becomes sick while at Camp?
We take every precaution to keep your pet healthy while at Camp. If your pet gets sick, we call you or your emergency contact immediately. If it is decided to seek veterinary care, we will first contact your vet or if they are not open, we will take your pet to the Stark County Emergency Vet Clinic. You are responsible for any vet bills incurred while your pet is at Camp.

Will my pet get fleas?
Even though we do take every precaution to keep a flea-free facility, we cannot make any guarantees and rarely have a problem. In order to minimize the possibilities, we would recommend that your pet be on flea and tick preventative for their stay.

Can pets be boarded together?

Camp Bow Wow & Meow has some of the largest dens for dogs and can accommodate 2 to 3 dogs if they get along and are from the same household. If you want your dogs to stay together, but they cannot be fed together, we have the ability to separate them for their meals. Our Cat Condos house only one cat and our "Special Cat Rooms" house multiple cats from the same household.
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