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Stress Free Environment

We put a lot of research and planning into Camp Bow Wow and Meow's philosophies. From our facility design to our hours of business, our goal was to develop a stress-free environment for your pets. Relaxing music is played throughout the day with quiet time mid-day for all the guests.

Peace of Mind

We live on-site providing pet owners peace of mind with our close proximity to your pets.

Quality Care at Affordable Pricing

Please call for current pricing. You'll find our rates very affordable with multiple pet and extended stay discounts. We will feed our food or your pet's diet at no additional cost. Medications may be an extra charge. Exercise time is available at a small additional charge. When planning your trip, please keep in mind we charge like a hotel. You are charged for the day of arrival. There is NO CHARGE for the day of departure if the check out is in the morning. Sunday is an exception since we do not have AM office hours on Sunday.

Specialized Care
If your pet requires special attention due to medical issues, we can discuss if our services meet your needs. If you have an elderly dog, we have extra services to keep them comfortable during their stay such as kennel decks and rubber matting with in-floor heating. Call us to discuss your pet's needs to see if we can accommodate them.

All pets must be current on all their vaccinations. Proof of vaccination must be presented for boarding. Dogs require Rabies, annual booster, and Bordetella for Canine Cough. Cats require Feline Leukemia and Rabies.
Bordetella is a vaccine to help prevent a condition known as canine cough. This vaccine is a virus family of many strains and today's vaccines only cover the most common strains. Bordetella vaccinations do not guarantee protection from this virus, but it does help if the strain encountered are the most common ones. We recommend that your dog be vaccinated at least 1 week prior to boarding and require it annually. Some vets are recommending Bordetella every six moths.

We take every precaution to keep our campers healthy while at camp. In the event of an emergency, we request you leave an emergency contact, either you or someone you trust. Should your pet need medical attention while they are with us, we will first use your vet if available. If they are not available, we will use one of the emergency clincs in our area.
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